What would Darwin say about gambling?

Not only is Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution applicable on living organisms, it also holds true for many other aspects of life. For instance, if we aim our focus towards successful gambling businesses, we’ll see that most of them obey the stipulations of Darwinism.

In order to survive in the competitive wilderness of gambling, one must constantly evolve. The only way gambling businesses can stay relevant, and maintain their status as the top feeders of the food chain is by adopting the emerging trends in the gambling market. Businesses become susceptible to downfall when they stop provisioning their resources to create innovations, or at least mimic them.

Nokia had the world at their feet, but after the advent of the smartphones, they completely faltered at the footsteps of their own negligence. While Apple and Samsung introduced innovative products, Nokia continued to market its obsolete phones, and eventually collapsed.  So, one thing Charles Darwin would advise to gambling businesses of today ―that are trying to make their way up to the top― is to monitor the trends of recent times, and take steps to incorporate them in their business model.

A gambling trend that is making waves nowadays is the emergence of female gamblers. This rising force of female gamblers has swept the world by storm. A massive influx of female gamblers has been recorded in all gambling platforms.  Gambling businesses, fully aware of the situation, have evolved to accommodate this new breed of gamblers. Women like their anonymity and privacy, and that is why they prefer to place their bets on electronic devices, instead of gambling in a predominantly male environment. So, how have gambling businesses fulfilled these needs? Yes, you guessed it right ― by making online casinos. Women can simply gamble on for days and nights on their smartphone screens without having a worry in the world. The future demands gambling businesses to set up an online presence. Gambling solely on physical grounds is not going to cut it for them anymore.

Legal issues are the biggest impediments to gambling. In several countries, the authorities have imposed strict regulations on online gambling. Users use proxy servers to bypass government stonewalls, and gamble easily with international credit cards, but gambling businesses still need to devise a legal plan that lifts these legal limitations on their faithful customers and ensures a seamless gambling platform.

Consumer behaviors have significantly changed in the online gambling market. Gambling applications and social gambling are in vogue nowadays, and are primary tools for engaging in gambling activities. What begs the question is that, who is using these applications and social media platforms to gamble? The answer to that all-important question is the “Millenials”. Gambling businesses must have a strategy to lure this tech-savvy generation. Digital Darwinism strongly suggests a business to set up active and well-marketed social media pages, and develop user-friendly apps. The increasing use of mobile devices has been noticed by gambling businesses, and they have developed fun social gambling games to further entice the young generation of today. More and more people are willing to compete for long hours on these social media games with their friends. These games have attracted so many users for a variety of reasons, such as competitive tournaments, user-friendly gameplay, and social interaction.

Direct mail is a commonplace marketing strategy to call out potential gamblers, but that’s not enough anymore. Gamblers must find a way to send out personalized invitations to their target customers in a non-intrusive manner. Most of the millenials ignore the advertisements on social media and mobile applications. You’ve often heard of the phrase, “content is King”. Trust me, there’s a lot of truth to it. Content that is informative, engaging and sells is what garners the vote of confidence of the customers. Poorly-written content is going to do you more harm than good. Not only will it taint the reputation of your business, it will also make you come out as ineffective, unprepared and unprofessional. Gambling businesses need to hire top-notch copywriters that have a proven track record of creating quality content.

Darwin emphasizes the importance of “survival of the fittest” in his theory. And the only way you can become the fittest is by studying and executing these trends. Remember, you can either be a prey or a predator. The choice is yours! I hope you choose correctly and not only survive but thrive in your gambling business. Digital Darwinism is the reality of the modern world. Embrace it to tightly clench success, or perish into nothingness.

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