If you have decided to divorce, you may be concerned about the legal costs, the time involved, and whether you are taking the right step. After all, some people remain together for many years despite marriage problems. But not all divorces are expensive, stressful or take years. Some are quite friendly.

A friendly relationship with your spouse can lead to a slight divorce, even if you have decided to go separate ways because no trial is required. An amicable or even fair divorce often leads to a quick divorce.

It is possible to get a quick divorce

The divorce process does not take years or even months. If you can agree with your spouse on custody, visit, spouse support, and property distribution, your divorce can quickly pass before a divorce court.

The simplest type of divorce that takes the least amount of time is called undisputed divorce. This relatively quick divorce is due to the fact that you and your spouse have agreed on all the important points.

Undisputed divorce takes less time than controversial divorce

A contested divorce is a divorce in which the parties can not agree on some or all of the points. It can be a court hearing, and it can be lengthy settlement meetings. This can also mean that you have to deal with the finances of your spouse, which costs a lot of time and energy.

However, an undisputed divorce takes much less time because you agree with your spouse on the following points:

child benefit
Matrimonial support
Distribution of property
Breakdown of debts
Other topics like education and religion
Life and health insurance
If you want to get a quick divorce, an undisputed divorce will help you. An undisputed divorce also saves money on legal fees, reduces stress and gets you through the court system faster than a controversial divorce.

Divorces without mistakes are faster than divorce

All states have a form of divorced divorce, although in some states, such as Louisiana, the separation is required by law for a year or more before a divorce that can not be made by default is possible.

A divorced divorce that does not require a legal separation can also speed up your divorce by eliminating divorce, cruel and inhuman treatment or abandonment. A divorced divorce prevents the parties from blaming each other at the end of a marriage.

In most states, a divorce that is not guilty is achieved by swearing an oath to the court or newspaper that you and your spouse have irreconcilable differences or are incompatible. If your divorce is a divorced divorce, you can indicate in your divorce papers that you want a divorced divorce.

What you need for a flawless, undisputed divorce

A divorce can be both innocent and undisputed. In some states, if you have an undisputed undisputed divorce, you may never have to go to court, and your divorce can only be based on so-called “papers.”

To file a proper, undisputed divorce, you will need:

To meet the housing requirements
How to buy an index number
To send a charge and complaint or petition to your spouse
So that your spouse submits a response to your complaint or petition
Fill in forms that put the case on the court calendar
An affidavit for the papers provided
Worksheets on income, spouse support and child benefit
An education plan in some states
A marriage contract, a separation contract or a settlement agreement – depending on the state, there are different ways of expressing the same thing
Factual findings and legal conclusions or similar publications
Judgment of divorce
Additional divorce papers, z. B. Statements of each spouse
All the other papers your state needs
The divorce laws in your state govern what needs to be filed and how long you need to have a residence before you can file.

Do you need a lawyer for a quick divorce?

If you submit an undisputed divorce, it is a good idea for a lawyer to review your marriage agreement to make sure that it is fair and not biased for you.

Likewise, your spouse should call a lawyer